Commercial Roof Replacement

Professional Roof Installation

Florida Commercial Roofers is a roofing contractor with a long history of excellent customer service, and professionally-finished projects. We are a commercial roofing professional serving all of Tampa, FL, and the surrounding area. Our crews are experienced, efficient, and courteous. Whether you have a large warehouse roof or a smaller business, we have the equipment and expertise to provide installation and replacement for every size and shape of commercial roof!

Variety of Materials

Our commercial roofing crews are familiar with a wide array of roofing materials. Whether you have a flat rubber roof, or a peaked shingle or metal roof, we can help. Our specialities are EPDM, TPO, shingle, tile, and metal. If you are debating between a few different roofing materials, we are happy to provide a free consultation and discuss your options. Each material has its pros and cons and we have a long history of maintaining and installing each type for commercial buildings in the area.

New Roof Specialists

If you have a leaking roof, and need it replaced but are not sure how far the damage goes, don’t worry! Our roofing crews are very experienced with commercial roof installation and can work on any roof. If there is more extensive damage than anticipated, we can rebuild and repair the problem areas and have your roof good as new in no time! We take pride in offering full-service roof replacements and installations.

Commercial Roof Repair

If your roof doesn’t need total replacement but can be repaired instead, our roofing contractors are ready to provide a free quote. Finding the best-quality, cost-effective solutions for our clients is important to us. We offer repair for a variety of roofing systems, including shingles, metal, TPO and EPDM. Our crews will complete all necessary repairs with excellence, ensuring your roof is leak-free once more. We stand behind our commercial roof repair services, and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Free Quotes

We offer free quotes and assessments for any commercial roofing services you may need. Call or email us to get in touch with our experienced estimator! We look forward to helping with all your roofing needs. We know you’ll be delighted with our quality service and professional work.


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New Construction Roof Installation

If you are a general contractor or owner bidding a new commercial roof installation, contact us! Our experienced team is happy to provide a comprehensive free estimate for your new construction project. Start-to-finish expert roof installation is one of our specialties. We work with a variety of commercial roofing systems, so whatever your upcoming project entails, our roofing contractor can help. Our professionalism and experience is evident at every step.

Roof Replacement

If you have a leaking or worn-out roof, we are happy to provide a free quote to see if it needs to be completely replaced or just repaired. If it needs to be replaced, we offer the best work in replacement and installation. We have been installing commercial roofs in the Tampa Bay area for over two decades and look forward to helping with your roofing needs. We work with property managers, business owners, and communities to replace roofs for any commercial property. Industrial warehouses, apartment buildings, and small business roofs are all something we can help with!